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Elite Towing Services

Elite Towing of Daytona Beach has a full fleet of Tow Trucks ready for when you need us.  We have small agile wreckers available for parking enforcement, tight parking lots, and low clearance parking structures. Elite also has light, medium and heavy duty tow trucks for break downs, towing, and recovery operations.  Our fleet has some of the top of the line innovations in towing including Side Pull trucks for difficult winch and recoveries, adjustable position winches to ensure offset bumper pulls wont cause damage, split deck beds for low clearance vehicles, and much more.

Our ever growing heavy haul fleet includes multiple tractors and several trailers including hydraulic Landoll trailers with heavy duty winch capabilities for non operational equipment, trailers, containers, sheds, boats, and anything you might need moved. Our Kauffman step deck trailer is a great trailer for moving equipment from job site to job site, or all across the SouthEast US. It has the low clearance necessary for the over height loads you need moved.

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Emergency Roadside Service and Towing

Light, Medium, and Heavy towing available.  From motorcycles to Semi tractors, and everything in between. We have the right trucks staffed with the right people for whatever the job may be. From towing to the dealership, to winch outs on the beach

Heavy Haul Services

We have semi truck and trailers to get the job done. From our low riding detach trailer for tall or heavy items, to our Landall trailers. We have the right equipment and drivers to successfully haul what you need, when you need it. 

Roadside Services

Out and about and run into trouble? We do more than just tow!  We also offer roadside tire changes, lockout services, jumpstarts, winch outs, and gasoline delivery too! From the interstate, to the beach, to your driveway. We will be where yuou need us

Parking Enforcement

Elite Towing of Daytona has the tools and expertise to help manage all of your parking lot needs. We have many commercial clients in Daytona and New Smyrna, with multiple impound lots.

We provide all signage, stickers, and professionalism to properly and effectively maintain your parking lot while minimizing disputes over vehicle removals from the property.

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